Remember That Time? (A Musical) by Annmarie Cullen

Remeber That Time? (A Musical) is a three character, one-woman, mixed-media musical that follows the story of Annmarie, a 40-something musician newly living in Barcelona.

After entering the corporate world for more financial stability, she loses her identity, her connection to music, and finally, her marriage.

Starting over from zero and reeling from the breakup with her wife, Annmarie returns to Dublin after 25 years away.

Finding encouragement and tough love in her 2 friends (Gearoid Farrelly  & Naimee Coleman) via zoom calls, she finds both the space to grieve and also a much-needed kick up the arse.

The trio also co-wrote one of the central songs in the play, “Would You Look At The State Of Ya”.

She slowly begins to rebuild her life by reconnecting with her passion for adventure, songwriting and performing.

The resulting songs help her to withstand and process her turmoil and move on from it triumphantly with purpose.

Ultimately, a story of quiet determination and hope for anyone who is starting over in life or mending a broken heart––no matter what their age.

The sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious story is told via narration, corresponding songs (sung live), and retrospective videos on-screen.

The videos are woven into the narration to offer the audience a more visual and intimate connection with the story.

The play also features songs co-written by the ever-popular Mundy, and Emmy Nominated songwriter, Jeannie Lurie

The on-screen videos display many real-life, actual footage from Annmarie’s life, along with footage filmed specifically for the show. 

Featuring scenes from Dublin, West Hollywood and Barcelona, Remember That Time? (A Musical) takes the audience on a broad, insightful journey throughout the 60-minute play.

BIO: Annmarie Cullen (Writer/Creator)

Annmarie “Montade” Cullen has been in bands since she was 14 years old.

Along the way, she signed deals with Warner Chappell and Disney and lived in LA for 20 years.

She has over 60 song placements in various TV and Film shows and was the principal songwriter for 2 Season’s of Disney’s Sci Fi Classic “So Weird” (including the Theme Song).

Her band Saucy Monky were indie darlings in the early 2000’s and appeared on iconic shows such as The Late Late Show, Pet Sounds (with Tom Dunne), and popular festivals such as Oxegen and O2 in The Park (with Westlife and Girls Aloud). 

She was recently interviewed by Ryan Tubridy, Dave Fanning, and the Sunday Independent LIFE Magazine (to name a few) about her extensive music career, life in LA and her return back home to Dublin after 25 years. Check out her press page is HERE

Annmarie is currently focusing her attention on her play “Remember That Time? (A Musical).

Annmarie Cullen-Photo by Fran Veale.