Remember That Time? (A Musical) by Annmarie Cullen

Remember That Time? (A Musical) is a three character, one-woman, mixed-media musical that follows the story of Annmarie, a seasoned musician, who after moving from LA to Barcelona (for love), she enters the corporate world for financial stability and loses her identity, connection with music and finally, her marriage. 

Starting over from zero and reeling from the breakup with her wife, Annmarie returns to her native Dublin after 25 years away.

Finding encouragement and tough love in her two friends (Gearoid Farrelly  & Naimee Coleman) via zoom calls, she finds both the space to grieve and the inspiration to find her way back to her one true loveā€¦music. . The trio also co-wrote one of the featured songs in the show, “Would You Look At The State Of Ya”. 

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Ultimately, a story of hope for anyone at a crossroads in life. 

The sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes humorous story is told via narration, corresponding songs (sung live), and retrospective videos on-screen.

The videos are woven into the narration to offer the audience a more visual and intimate connection with the story.

The play also features songs co-written by the ever-popular Mundy, and Emmy Nominated songwriter, Jeannie Lurie.

Featuring scenes from Dublin, West Hollywood and Barcelona, Remember That Time? (A Musical) takes the audience on a broad, insightful journey throughout the 60-minute play.